Tandom Drift

Two cars are on the course at the same time, taking turns as the lead car and the chasing car. This is an offensive/defensive setup designed to find out who can drift best under pressure. The lead car must avoid the chasing car and at the same time execute an ideal drift; meanwhile, the chasing car is trying to mess up the lead car by getting in its way and is also trying to achieve its own ideal drift. A driver who spins out or causes contact automatically loses the tandem run. In case of competitions, tandem runs judges award points comparatively, so one driver always comes out on top.

Tandom Drif Procedures:
  • It is only allowed in roll caged cars.
  • Only Pros & Semi Pros with caged cars are allowed to tandem drift
  • Both drivers twinning must line up on the start line together and must inform the starter that they intend to do so each time they are going on the track
  • A tandem consists of two runs with each car taking a turn to lead.