Safety Rules
  • All medical conditions must be declared at time of registration.
  • If you require glasses for driving, they must be worn.
  • Participants and passengers must wear seatbelts – vehicle’s standard factory belts are acceptable.
  • it is not permitted to remove seatbelts or not install it properly during the run.
  • Participants & passengers must wear full face helmets and face mask whilst on the start line, during the run and when leaving the track.
  • Please wait until your vehicle stops completely before removing your helmet.
  • Participants and passengers who don’t have helmets must buy one from the registration kiosk (120 SAR).
  • Participants and passengers must wear fully covered clothing (trousers, socks and toe-covered shoes).
  • Sport jacket (SFI 3.2A) and hand gloves (SFI 3.3A) for nitrous vehicle drivers must be worn.
  • It is not allowed to wear thobe, abaya shorts and shoes that reveal the toes on the track.
  • No laptops, recording or programming equipment are allowed in the vehicle during the run.
  • A fire extinguisher must be present in the car, identified with a sticker and fixed with screws in a safe place close to the driver.
  • All participants must always follow safety instructions of the organizers.