Safety Rules
  • All medical conditions must be declared at time of registration.
  • If you require glasses for driving, they must be worn.
  • Any use of a mobile phone while the driver is on the race line or at a racetrack, he / she will be suspended.
  • It is not permitted to remove seat-belts or not install it properly during the run. Car’s standard factory belts are fine for cars that drives a quarter mile in 10 seconds and slower.
  • No laptops, recording or programming equipment are allowed in the vehicle during the race unless they were installed properly.
  • Fire extinguisher must be present in the car, identified with a sticker and fixed with screws in a safe place close to the driver.
  • All participants, passengers and visitors must always follow the safety instructions of the organizers.
Safety Helmets
  • All participants must have their own helmets with them. Those who do not have helmets can buy one from management building (120 SAR). No participant can join the event without having his own helmet, and those who do not have a helmet or refuse to buy one from the park cannot ask for tickets refund. (exchanging helmets between participants is not allowed under any circumstances).
  • The helmet should cover the entire face and is approved by the inspection committee officials and conforms to one of the following specifications:
    • DOT SFI 13.1A or Higher
    • SNELL M2005
    • M2010
  • Participants & passengers must wear Helmets whilst on the start line, during the run and when leaving the track.
  • Please wait until your vehicle stops completely before removing your helmet
Protective Clothing
  • All drivers are required to wear fully covered clothing such as long sleeves, long trousers, socks and shoes covered with toes.
  • SFI 3.2A specifications sport jacket should be worn for racers who drive a quarter mile from 11.5 to 10.0 seconds.
  • Sort jackets, long pants and hand gloves should be worn for racers who drive a quarter mile from 99.9 to 7.5 seconds or have a speed of more than 220 km and according to the following specifications:
    • Gloves SFI 3.3
    • Jacket SFI 3.2
    • Pants SFI 3.2A
    • Shoes SFI 3.3
    • Sport jacket (SFI 3.2A) and hand gloves (SFI 3.3A) for nitrous car drivers must be worn.
  • it is not allowed to wear Thobe, Abaya, Shorts and Shoes that reveal the toes on the track.
  • Participants and passengers must wear fully covered clothing (trousers, socks and toe-covered shoes).

All Motorcycle riders must wear safety standards protective leather suit and helmet approved by FIM, riding boots and gloves.