• Once you arrive DIRAB park, proceed to FunXtreme Karting circuit and park your car in the designated parking area
  • Then go to registration area where there are three screens hanged on the wall
  • Start the registration using your Facebook account and fulfil the form.
  • Then go to the registration desk to pay the fees (90 SAR for the experience – experience is 10 minutes)
  • 10 SAR registration fees is a must on yearly basis
  • As you finalize registration and payment, go to the briefing room where you will watch a 3 minutes video that explains all what you have to do on the track including the flags colors and safety procedures.
  • Then Ladies are asked to go for fitting rooms to wear racing suits.
  • It is a must to bring a balaclava with you before wearing the helmet and if you don’t have it you may buy one from the registration area (25 SAR)
  • Then wait your turn.
  • As your turn comes, head to the circuit, wear the safety helmet and get into one of the karts in the pit lane.
  • Never drive against the flow of the track.
  • Returning to the parking must be completed by driving at slow speed.
  • After you finish your experience, go to the registration area to see your results on the screen
  • You may also register for your next experience if you want to rejoin.
  • it is illegal to remove your helmet before the kart stops completely or to use a mobile phone while the vehicle is in motion and you run the risk of disqualification from the future events if you are caught.

Safety Rules

  • All medical conditions must be declared at time of registration.
  • If you require glasses for driving, they must be worn.
  • Participants and passengers must wear fully covered clothing (trousers, socks and toe-covered shoes).
  • it is not allowed to wear Abaya, shorts and shoes that reveal the toes on the track
  • All participants must always follow the instructions of the organizers