Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Safety Procedures
  1. Face Mask:

    All participants and visitors must always wear a face mask during the event. If anyone is caught without the face mask, he / she will be show out of the venue immediately.

  2. Thermometer Guns:

    Security officers on the gates will use the thermometer gun to measure temperature for all participants and visitors before they are allowed into the park. refusing to follow this procedure or having a (38°C) or plus temperature will prohibit you to enter the park.

  3. Stay in your Vehicle:

    Participants and visitors must stay inside their vehicle all times during registration check.

  4. Helmets: All participants must have their own helmets with them. Those who do not have helmets can buy one from DIRAB management building (120 SAR). No participant can join the event without having his own helmet, and those who do not have a helmet or refuse to buy one from the park cannot ask for tickets refund. (exchanging helmets between participants is not allowed under any circumstances).
  5. Keep a distance:

    All participants and visitors must adhere to precaution distance measures (9 m2 / per person)

  6. Follow all procedures:

    Those who do not abide any of the precautionary rules and procedures anytime during the event, they will be show out from the park immediately without having any right to ask for tickets refund or a credit note.

Online Registration
  • All participants and visitors need to register themselves online for all DIRAB events through DIRAB ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM.
  • Choose the status for your visit (Participant / Visitor).
  • Fulfill all fields in the online registration form, accept our policy agreement and click on the register button.
  • An email will be sent to your email address with a code to confirm your registration.
  • Copy the code, go back to the online registration system, and paste it in the designated blank as required.
  • This registration procedure is only for the first time and then participants and visitors may use their username and password to log in to the registration system.
  • After completing the registration go to DIRAB online payment system, fulfill your online payment method information, and pay for the ticket.
  • Once you complete the online payment procedure, you will receive a copy of your E-Ticket by email that includes the ticket category, date, serial number, and barcode.
  • Save it on your mobile to show it to DIRAB administration officer once you arrive to the park.
Arriving at DIRAB PARK
  • Proceed to management building and stop the vehicle completely.
  • Stay in your vehicle while our officials check the vehicle safety.
  • Meanwhile submit your ID, driving license, vehicle registration card or ABSHER driving authorization and show a copy of the ticket that you received on your email to the registration officer.
  • The registration officer will check your registration on the system and then will give you a wristband.
  • Participants must wear the wristband and the face mask all times during the event and those who take off or lose the wristband must return to registration kiosk to obtain a replacement (120 SAR / Wristband and 5 SAR / Face Mask).
  • Show your helmet to the registration officer before you proceed to the strip or you can purchase one from the management building (120 SAR).
  • Then just drive to the drag strip and park your vehicle in the designated participants parking area.
  • Vehicles movement within parking area should be at a speed that ensures safety of all concerned.
  • As the event kick-off, head to the starting area where vehicles park in line and launch one / two at a time.
  • Use your first few sessions to familiarize yourself with the drag strip. Our instructors are also on hand throughout the event to offer you advice and helpful tips, so you can polish your skills.
  • If you want to race a person, ensure he / she is in the same lane and behind you. When you get to the front of the queue, let the staging lane official know and he will send you to the start line together.
  • When signaled by the official at the front of the staging lane, proceed toward the start line. DP has a designated “burnout box” at the front of each lane.
  • Watch for the official’s instructions and proceed until your back wheels are about to come out of the wet patch on the concrete, behind the start line, and do your burnout when instructed by the official.
  • After completing your burnout, back up as necessary or proceed toward the start line. At the start, there are three photocells in each lane. The first is the pre-stage beam, which controls the top light on the Christmas tree. This lets you know your front wheels have eight inches to travel before you reach the stage beam, the second light on the top of the tree.
  • The run cannot be started until this second light is on. Proceed carefully forward until you have both lights on at the top of the tree. The final beam is the guard beam, which starts the timers if the stage beam has not been cleared.
  • When your vehicle is properly staged, with pre-stage and stage lights lit, you need to give your full attention to the Christmas tree because you’re now about to race.
  • After the three amber lights, there are two more lights; a green “go” light and a red “foul” light. If your front tire moves out of the stage beam before the green light comes on, the red foul light will automatically come on. While this doesn’t matter in qualifying or grudge racing, in real competition it means you’re disqualified and “you lose!”
  • When the starter is satisfied both vehicles are in stage, he presses a button which activates a countdown of the three amber lights (each four-tenths of a second apart), and then the green. If you move before the green, remember that foul light – but don’t be tardy because if your opponent gets away from the start line before you, he has an advantage which you will have to overcome if you are to beat him to the finish line.
  • Your response time to the green light, or reaction time, will instantly appear on the scoreboard in your lane. If you want the quickest reaction time, the best advice is to stand on the throttle as soon as you see the last amber light because by the time you’ve reacted and your car has responded, the green light will just be coming on.
  • The finish line has two photocells. The first is 66 feet before the finish line. The second is the finish line itself. The time taken to cover the 66-foot gap determines your vehicle speed at the end of the run and the second light stops the elapsed time (ET) clock and provides the elapsed time for the run.
  • Remember, where the finish line is so you can back off the throttle at that point and commence to slow your car.
  • Proceed to the turn-off loops on the right-hand side of the track and negotiate it slowly and safely.
  • Having completed the run, return along the return road and collect your time slip from the printer next to garages.
  • Remember that the speed limit on the return road is 10 kmh.
  • Also, note that it is not allowed to remove your helmet before you are on the return road, or to use a mobile phone or portable radio while the vehicle is in motion and you run the risk of disqualification from the event if you are caught.
  • All details of the run are shown on the time slip – your reaction time, the time taken to reach various points down the quarter-mile (60 foot, 330 foot, 660 foot, 1000 foot), plus your speed at the half-track (660 foot) mark, quarter-mile ET and speed in mph and km/h.
  • Having collected your time slip, rejoin the staging lanes and get ready for another run!
  • Never drive against the strip.
  • Stopping or slowing to a crawl whilst on the strip is prohibited other than in the event of a breakdown.
  • In the event of a breakdown put your hazard lights on, pull over to a safe location or return to the parking if possible.
  • If involved in a crash or breakdown please do not vacate the vehicle and wait until you are given the signal from a marshal.
  • If the vehicle is on fire get out immediately and DIRAB rescue team will deal with the fire.
  • If you face any mechanical issue that may result in oil or fluids spilling from your vehicle you must pull off the track immediately and park in a safe position until assistance arrives.
  • It is not allowed to use mobile phones, cameras or radios while driving or to keep them in the vehicle or in drivers hands and you run the risk of disqualification from the event if you are caught.
  • Whilst on the track windows are permitted to be open up to 2 inches to allow airflow inside the vehicle.
  • Passenger window cant be open.
  • It is not allowed to test the launch control or transbrake anywhere except on the start line.


  • Proceed to management building and stop the vehicle completely.
  • Show the copy of the ticket that you received on your email to the registration officer.
  • Visitors must wear a face mask all times during the event and those who lose their mask must return to registration kiosk to obtain a replacement (5 SAR face mask).
  • Proceed to drag strip and park your vehicle in the designated visitors parking area.
  • Go to the grandstands and enjoy the show.
  • One passenger is allowed to join the participant inside the cockpit during open days (not allowed for bikes).
  • All runs with passengers onboard will be solo runs only!
  • Passengers are only allowed in 12.00 sec / 14 mile or slower vehicle
  • The permitted age of passengers is 16 years and over.
  • Overalls / fully clothed – arms and legs covered must be worn by all passengers.
  • Drivers and passengers must wear helmets and face mask at all times during the run.
  • Drivers who do not have a mask must buy one from registration kiosk (120 SAR).
  • Passengers are required to pay the fees at the registration kiosk, and they will be granted a wristband.
  • Passenger ticket / day: 30 SAR.
  • Passengers who take off or lose the wristband, must buy a replacement (30 riyals) from registration Kiosk.
  • Passenger window cant be open.