Dirab Autocross

About Autocross

Is the perfect place for both new drivers who want to develop their driving skills and learn more about their car’s handling, and experienced drivers who want to push themselves and their cars to the limit. In short, autocross is one of the motorsports models in which the participant drives through a coned path that has a starting point, an ending point and equipped with a timing system. During the experience, only one car is on the track, as the driver must drive against the clock not against other participating cars. The focus is on the driver’s skill and car handling rather than on engine power and speed.

Any car can participate in open days or even races whether it is sedans, coups, pick-ups, SUV’s including daily use cars to fully modified sports cars. The constant practice during autocross events evolves how you drive your car in turns, sharp corners and during high performance situations. It also develops your focus and respond to all road elements while driving, thus avoiding many accidents that may occur. As for new participants, DIRAB PARK team is ready to provide guidance and help in a friendly atmosphere.