General Information
  • Men and women are allowed to participate.
  • All car brands are allowed to participate.
  • Participants must hold a driver’s license or driver’s permit.
  • Participants with driving permits must be accompanied by parents or a guardian over 18 years of age.
  • Vehicles must be owned by the participant or has a vehicle authorization from ABSHER .
  • If at the start of the day your car did not meet the requirements, or the event was postponed or canceled due to weather conditions or any other unpredictable reasons, you can get a credit for a future event. (No refunds).
  • If any participant hit a traffic cone inside the track and this resulted in total damage to the cone, this will be charged to participant, 20 SAR / cone
  • Only participants’ cars / bikes are permitted in the participants parking area, other vehicles must be parked as directed.
  • At the end of the event, participants may either drive their vehicles home, or rent a vehicle parking lot from WHRCP facility inside the park. Parking anywhere else inside the park is prohibited.
  • Keep the park clean, put the trash in the designated places and do not leave damaged tires inside the park.
  • All announced event dates and times are subject to change.
  • It is DIRAB Park’s right to take photos & videos for all participants, passengers and visitors in all events and use them for its marketing purposes.
  • No drifting, burnouts or donuts are allowed in the cars parking area and whoever does that exposes himself to be forbidden to participate permanently in any future DIRAB park events.
  • Selling or promoting participants’ or participants’ sponsors goods & services is not permitted unless agreed in writing with DIRAB Management.
  • Be respectful to staff, other event participants and visitors.
  • All decisions by DIRAB staff are final.
  • All safety procedures must be followed.