Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Some basic personal safety equipment is needed to compete at off-street meetings. Drivers need a three-point lap sash belt (as a minimum), an approved helmet, long sleeves, enclosed shoes and socks. Motorcycle riders need an approved helmet, a motorcycle approved jacket, long pants, gloves and boots. 


Driver Seat:

It is mandatory that all seats are firmly attached to the vehicle


Seat Belts Harnesses:

  • Vehicles running 10.99 or slower require a minimum quick release 3-point lap sash seatbelt complying with the current Saudi Standard.
  • Vehicles running 10.98 sec or 120 mph or quicker require a minimum quick release 4-point harness complying with the current Saudi Standard.
  • Any vehicle running between 150 mph or quicker requires a 5-point harness incorporating a crutch strap.


Safety Helmets:

All racers must wear Safety Helmets when entering, racing and leaving the race track.

Please wait until you have stopped your vehicle before removing your helmet.

Safety Helmets must comply with the FIA Standard. For those of you who do not possess a Safety Helmet, you may hire a helmet through DP management building.


Open Cockpits:

Convertibles, roadsters and any other open cockpit vehicle are required to be fitted with a single rollover hoop covering the driver’s compartment.


Wheels and Studs:

Hub caps and clip on wheel rims must be removed before competing. Scrutineer’s will check for loose wheel nuts and cracked or damaged wheels.

All vehicles are required to be fitted with the minimum of wheel studs as original manufactures specifications.

All vehicles are required to have wheel nuts on all wheel studs. Each wheel stud must protrude past the outer face of the wheel by a distance no less than the diameter of the stud used.

Vehicles running quicker than 9.99 sec are required to be fitted open ended wheel nuts. Factory alloy wheels may use original nuts/studs.



Tires of the same construction are required front and rear, vehicles using rear slick tires are required to be fitted with front conventional non-radial tires.


Protective Clothing:

All drivers and riders are required to wear full covering. I.e. long sleeves, long pants, socks and closed toe shoes.

Race suits are required for drivers of vehicles that have manufactured firewalls, front floors and non-factory design windscreens.

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