Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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·         Helmets, full length Jeans or racing pants, Shoes are mandatory for drivers

·         All vehicles must pass the “Dirab” pit inspection.

·         Vehicles must be in good Mechanical condition. No leaking fluids, Mechanical failures, working brake system, chassis problems or modifications. This also includes any weight reductions from the body or frame.

·         Open to all AWD, FWD, RWD platforms.

·         Vehicle windows (including windshield) must not have any visual cracks or modifications (Lexan is not allowed.)

·         All vehicle lightning should be working (head light, tail light, brake light… etc.)

·         Vehicles must have valid Saudi registration.

·         All interior pieces must be original to the vehicle, and all original parts must not be tampered with (e.g.: carpets, dashboard, instruments, seats, headliner, etc...)

·         Vehicle Battery must be in factory location, or relocated as per NHRA spec.

·         Original fuel tank and fuel tank location is mandatory while being fully functional and not tampered with In tank fuel pumps and fuel hats may be upgraded. No external in-line pumps are allowed.

·         Vehicle must be fitted with an OEM style (factory installation points) stainless steel Exhaust system (e.g.: OEM manifold or performance headers, OEM catalytic converters or High flow Cats, and OEM or high performance mufflers. All must be fitted to OEM exhaust hangers).

·         Connections points must be secure and free of exhaust leaks. Remote Cut outs are not allowed, open exhaust is not allowed, exhaust dumps are not allowed, deleted or gutted catalytic convertors are also not allowed.

·         Engine block should be original to vehicle OEM specification.

·         Turbo charging and Superchargers are allowed.

·         All cooling modifications are allowed.

·         Nitrous, Methanol, octane boosters and race gas are not allowed

·         Any Saudi pump gas is allowed.

·         Injectors, fuel rails, regulators and fuel lines may be upgraded and must use NHRA legal lines and fittings. No hose clamps or non NHRA approved woven lines are allowed with fuel delivery system. Fuel lines must be routed as originally designed. (Visit for more information on fuel lines)

·         Cams, stroker kits, heads, pistons, cylinder bore, valve upgrades are allowed to an original to vehicle engine block

·         Transmission model should be original to vehicle; all modifications are allowed (e.g.: clutches, torque converters, shift kits, shifters, coolers)

·         Full Slicks are not allowed. Drag radial (semi-slick), and street tires only.

·         Quarter mile races elimination. 

·         Windows must be closed during race.

·         Air conditioning systems must be turned off while in the staging lanes.

·         Any violation of any of the rules, vehicle and driver will be disqualified from event and removed from premises. 

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