Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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  • It is a regular Test & Tune Day.
  • The race is a loser knock out style competition, there is no qualifying runs just straight to the eliminations.
  • Drivers wanting to participate in the event must tell the registration official they want to race and their cars will be marked as competitors
  • After registration closes, there is a small drivers meeting at the staging lanes to brief drivers of what will happen and to draw the names of the first round racers. An FSCSA official is always there for any questions drivers may have.
  • All registered drivers must put their names in a bag and the names is drawn out one at a time. The first name will race the second name; the third name will race the fourth name and so on. After that, the names are put on a board with a “Racing Tree” to show who will race who and who won.
  • When done with that drivers are asked to go to their cars and line up next to their competitor
  • Whenever all racers are ready in line, track officials stop the test & tune session and let the FSCSA racers start. (The track gets the needed preparation prior to racers entry.)
  • After the first round of eliminations is finished, the officials write down who won on the board and winners have about 30 to 45 minutes to get ready for the next round.
  • Regular test and tune session is resumed then and everyone (including FSCSA racers) are welcome to use the track.
  • Losing racers are welcome to continue Test & Tune. Any winning FSCSA racer who is ready is encouraged to head to the staging as soon as he is ready
  • Second, third, etc. Round starting time is announced during the event. Any car not present in the staging lanes after we start moving, the FSCSA racers is considered a withdrawal and is automatically removed from the competition.

After all the racers are done, the winner is asked to come up to the staging lanes area with his car for the crowning ceremony and pictures.

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